A few more answers

After meeting up with some people yesterday the husband and I spent quite a bit of time answering questions about our brood. I have been shocking at blogging this week, it has been manic so, as I’m really behind with everything I thought I would answer a few more questions instead of trying to blog when my mind is in the ironing pile!


How much washing do you do?

Tons of the stuff, we do two loads a day, that doesn’t include bedding or towels, a bedding day means five loads. We have a washing machine with an eleven kilo drum so that helps. Our washing machine is one of the hardest working in the country. I hate hanging the washing out, it is one of the most boring thing known to man, its torture by laundry. Especially socks….. also what happens to socks once they get into the laundry basket, one always does a runner. Do they have a small argument,decide they no longer want to be a pair and off one goes. Where do they go I wonder. We have a bag dedicated to lost socks, Its a sock divorce center, I can’t bring myself to throw them out just in case their mate has a change of heart and comes back. This bag gets bigger every week. I think if socks were people they would be very unhappy, with big commitment issues!

I also iron, not many of my friends iron and they think that I am mad doing it, the thing is the clothes come out of the washing machine resembling balls of scrunched up paper, this doesn’t improve once they’ve been hung out to dry so, I have no option really. Otherwise the children would go to school looking like I had try to wring them out before breakfast.

Do you have a cleaner?

Yes ME!!! The older ones do muck in a bit (more often than not if they want a boyfriend/girlfriend to stay the night) or if they want to borrow something of mine. Otherwise its down to me and the husband. Its another one of those never ending thankless tasks, not helped by the fact that as fast as we tidy the three and one year old untidy. They love tipping out all the cars,trains and animals the second we have put them in the boxes. Its like a toy tsunami. Most of my children seem to have a problem locating the washing basket and think that clothes all over the floor is perfectly fine. They probably think we have clothes fairies picking everything up.I would say that cleaning takes up most of the day, plus I’m a demon with the duster. I hate dust with a passion (strange but true) so if its not nailed down its dusted to within an inch of its life.


Do you cook?

The obvious answer to this is yes or we would all be dead. What most people tend to mean is “do you cook from scratch?” and yes I do. The 23 year old does help a lot with the cooking as does the husband. He cooks a fabulous roast, so much so that the children (mistakenly in my humble opinion) think that his roast spuds are better than mine. It can be a bit hard because one doesn’t like prawns, one doesn’t like mash (not even the husbands) one doesn’t like mushrooms, one cant stand onions. You get the picture, basically they are a fussy little lot and you can’t please all the people all of the time. But we tend to cook one meal and that’s it we all eat the same thing, it’s a case of pick out the offending onion, prawn, mushroom etc. Now and again we will cook for the older lot like a steak, or chops and the little’s have mac n cheese or something like that.We try to keep it simple though especially in the week, otherwise it would be like running a restaurant. But the family that eats together stays together so they say. Since only ones left home I think I have proven that theory to be true. We don’t buy in bulk, after all there is only so much pasta any one family can eat in a year, we don’t go through copious amounts of spuds and other vedge and we only need two chickens for a family roast. (Normal size btw, not the ones that look like they have been on steroids and are emulating the Xmas turkey.) Our pots and pans are big, like the ones you see on master chef, our table is huge with benches down each side and a chair at each end (think Harry Potter without the top table) and we have lots of plates and cutlery. A friend asked us round for lunch once and admitted that they had to make an emergency dash to Argos to stock up on tableware. So now when we were asked to peoples houses on mass we don’t bring a bottle, we rock up with some plates!

I do really like cooking which is a bit of a bonus, I also love baking cakes ,while the husband would give Paul Hollywood a run for his money in the bread stakes. What my old man  can’t do with yeast and flour is not worth knowing.

How big’s your car?

There’s a question, I am often tempted to say a mini but…… We don’t have one not even a mini. The family are great on all forms of public transport, and living in London helps, we really don’t need a car. Plus if we had one the husband would become the kids personal uber service. It would never be me, I failed my driving test three times, once for going down the wrong side of the central reservation.We did consider buying an old route master bus once, but that’s just silly.


How do you cope with so many?

Great husband, good sense of humor, fabulous friends and the kids aren’t bad either. Seriously that’s a looooong answer for another day.


Mrs W

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