The family and other questions

As I was pondering what to ramble on about today, I went to the bathroom and saw that we had run out of toothpaste (again). That got me thinking about the questions that we are always asked when people find out that we have thirteen children. So I thought I would answer some of the questions people seem to want to know.

Did I always want so many children?

When I was little I wanted to have six, once we started having them I realised how much I liked babies and little people so we carried on. Its actually really nice to have such a big age range in the house and, when it all gets too much and we go from the Waltons to something vaguely resembling shameless I remind myself that its great for blogging purposes anyway.

Are they all by the same dad?

Yup they are, I met the husband when I was 17, the night the 1991 gulf war started. I was babysitting and he came to see his friends , they were late back, we got talking and I decided there and then I was going to marry him (which I mostly don’t regret).The husband is eight years older than me so I thought I needed to impress him,I did this by pretending I didn’t take sugar in my tea (I do, 2) so that he would think I was into fitness (humor me I was 17 and an August baby) then when we went on our first date he took me for a curry, I had never had a curry before in my life (again long story, grew up in a tiny village) so when he asked me what I wanted I said “same as you” he said “I always have a  madras” (classy) “me too” I replied and that was it, two mouthful’s and I nearly died, I found out years later that I’m actually a korma girl. The next date we went to Pizza hut (he was from Essex) and he ordered extra jalepenos for the pizza (remember he thought I was Mrs spice to his Mr) again one slice was all I could manage. I remember him saying to me “you really don’t eat much do you” (I was probably puce at the time from sucking on a chili) but I drank LOTS of water to compensate. Looking back that was probably one of the healthiest phases of my life, loads of water, hardly any food.

In April I was at home when the husband (to be) knocked on the door with a huge bouquet of roses and a bottle of champagne, I was really happy took the flowers and brought him into the sitting room, it was all a bit awkward the husband standing there like a lemon, my mum looking at me oddly and my brother (who was only twelve) seemed to have developed a weird twitch that kicked off every time he looked at the bouquet. Honestly I thought I was in a weird version of George and Mildred. “Why don’t you put them in water” mum said, I was quite pleased to be leaving this bunch of nutters so grabbed the flowers to make a hasty exit, (at least he didn’t buy me a chili plant) and as I picked them up I noticed a box in the box was a ring. The husband went down on one knee took the ring and said “would you do me the honour of being my wife”? he actually really said that. I said yes the rest is history. Even though I was only seventeen my family were O.K with it. I always wanted to be a newsreader and they were worried with me being so young etc that I would regret settling down and not pursuing my potential career path in journalism. The reasoning I gave them then ,still stands today. When you find the “one” everything else will follow, you can make dreams happen but, real love is something that you can’t create it’s just there. I never wish that we had done anything differently and even though I could quite happily stab him in the eye with a biro every now and then there is no one in the world that I would rather spend my life with. If I had said “no” I am sure that I would never have felt as fulfilled as I do now. We got married in December 1991 and I was pregnant with our first baby the following February.

Age Ranges?

Lucy 24, Kate 23, Sophie 21, James 19, Emma 17, Thomas 15, Alice 13, Sally 11, Benjamin 10, Alexander 8, George 6, Joseph 3, Edward 1

How big is your house (yup we really get asked that)?

It’s big enough to hold the 12 children that still live at home along with me and the husband. We have enough space for a dog but the husband says no because he will end up looking after it. Which is true so I can’t argue with that. The kids are doing a fine job putting their case forward, they are very like their mother!

What does your husband do?

That always makes me laugh, even in this day and age people expect the husband to be the main bread winner, so much for evolving…. The husband is an engineer and we run our own business (I’m his glamorous assistant). I may not read the news but write for various magazines under a pseudonym and just for fun thought I would start this blog.

Would you have any more children?

Ask the husband.

Have you got favourites?

Of course……………..not! Mind you after the age of about eleven they become a tad more challenging!

There are so many more weird and wonderful things that we are asked from “how much milk do you drink in a day?” to “how many chickens do you have for a roast” the list is endless and I still haven’t shared the amount of toothpaste we go through in a week. So much to say so little time.

Mrs W


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