Party bags!

I have been to several children’s parties in my time, and have made and received many a party bag. The party bag is the integral point of the party. You can be judged on the contents of your party bag alone. In fact my children’s favourite part of the party is the bag full of plastic crap at the end. Mostly they contain sweets, stickers and several bits and bobs from Poundland, or tiger if your feeling like being a little bit more “out there”.

One thing I cannot understand is the parents who feel the need to put small raisin boxes in said bags. The message they are trying to get across is “look how middle class we are” and feel that the raisin box demonstrates this fact. No poundland for them, oh no the closest they get to that is Lidl and as we all know both Lidl and Aldi are totally acceptable in the land of the middle classes thanks to the Daily Mail. The raisin message is along the lines of “Tarquin is quite partial to a raisin so I’m sharing his raisin joy with you and your child who lets be honest is probably more partial to a nugget”. They may as well stick a small sachet of quinoa in there or perhaps some blanched hazelnuts……..

Tell me how many times have your children opened their party bag and exclaimed in a little outraged voice “mummy no raisins, only a sugary lolly, some sweets and a plastic toy send it back at once”. Never is the answer I bet.

The all time worst ever party bag we received contained a pencil, a satsuma a bag of nasturtium seeds and a phonics book. That’s akin to saying your kid could probably do with a little help reading, looks like a bit of vitamin C wouldn’t go amiss and I’ve heard through the grapevine he didn’t do so well in last months spelling bee so try using this handy pencil. In central London how many people even have gardens let alone space to plant nasturtiums?

Its funny how we like to parade our middle classness in certain ways, for example a yo yo bear is perfectly acceptable among the party bag community. After all it says its 100% natural and contains an educational card in its very un eco friendly (but we choose to ignore that) middle class packaging. Stick in a Kellogs fruit winder in its garish foil covering and that’s a whole new ballgame, your back to poundland territory.

Parties are a minefield and the rules of etiquette are ever changing, don’t even get me started on present buying. that’s a whole other world to negotiate. But I stand by my guns here……Never put raisins in a party bag!


Mrs W

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