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Welcome to a blog about my family,

When people find out how many children we have the first thing they ask is “why so many?” Then there are the jokes “haven’t you got a tele” “can’t you afford condoms”.

Then there’s the judgement what a burden on society, how selfish are we for putting so many people on the planet, after that its just the plain nasty comments that people feel they have the right to make simply on the basis of the size of our family. “They should stop breeding” “He should have the snip” and so it goes on.

Its funny how people always assume its the husband who should have the snip. Its not like he forced me to get pregnant. Holding our marriage certificate aloft while beating his chest saying “baby making is part of this legally binding document darling”.

The fact is we both wanted a large family. Not for the benefits (another common assumption) or to make money, trust me children manage to drain money from us on a regular basis (mine do anyway). We just like children, it’s that simple.

From babies to adults it’s an adventure that has been hard work, exhausting and at times tested our marriage to the limit but it has always been fun and very rewarding. We just love being parents and all that goes with it, 13 children are certainly guaranteed to keep you on you toes.

Our eldest is married while our youngest is still in nappies, we’ve done teenage strops, two year old tantrums and haven’t had an unbroken nights sleep for the last 24 years, even the odd arrest (it wasn’t his fault honestly) but in all that time we have never regretted a moment.

Yes we have lots of children and in order to make them the people that they have become we do put in lots of work. I think to the general public they are all round good eggs. Of course we fight, argue and disagree, its not the Walton’s round here by any stretch of the imagination and yes, having a large number of children does leave you open to nasty comments and judgement, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I think if you met them you would agree.

So please join me on a journey of a family with 13 children, I promise you it will never be dull.


Mrs W


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